(Recap) “Five Fingers” Episode 2

Picking up from the last few minutes of Episode 1, In-ha is still crabbing about having to enter the piano competition with Ji-ho.  I’m not going to repeat the narrative, but it ends up the same way it ended up — with everyone wet, scared, and prone on the floor.  Kinda how I like my men!

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(Recap) “Five Fingers” Episode 1

We open on a hushed auditorium, where two ridiculously handsome gentlemen are seated at tandem grand pianos.  The man to the left, Yoo Ji Ho (Joo Ji Hoon) softly plays the opening chords of Franz Liszt’s La Campanelle from the Paganini Etudes, No. 3 in G-sharp minor.  The man to the right, Yoo In Ha (Ji Chang Wook) joins in on the bass line, then his right hand slowly takes flight.  As the two melodies join in harmony, In-ha looks up and glares ever-so-slightly at Ji-ho.  These two men are brothers who share a father’s genes but a mother-in-name only.  Ji-ho and In-ha may have finally reached the point where they are able to exist together, but at what price the journey…

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testing… testing… testing…

Hello there!  I decided to resurrect an old blog that I let go dormant in late 2009, because I got the wild idea to finally gather all my submissions to various media portals in one concise spot.  (One-stop shopping, for lack of a better term.)  This site will be a lot easier to manage with my insane work schedule, but will probably be a little sparse and rough-looking until I import all my data spread out over three backup drives.

So strap yourselves in… and enjoy the ride.  Let the squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeing begin!