Musical “The Days”: An Overview (updated 3 June 2013)


3 April 1992.  China and Korea have finally decided to join hands in friendship, and the Korean Government decides to host a celebratory State Dinner for the visiting Chinese diplomats.  The Blue House bodyguards are busy with preparations, and amongst them are two 26-year-old fellows that just graduated from the Corps’s training school:  Han Jeong-hak and Kang Mu-yeong.  Jeong-hak is from The City; serious, studious and reserved.  Mu-yeong is from The Country; a ‘free soul,’ emotional and flighty.  Even though they’re complete opposites, Mu-yeong and Jeong-hak quickly become fast friends and ultimately competitive rivals.  The first mission assigned to them is to protect a woman known only by the code name “She.”  In the months following while protecting this woman, they both eventually fall in love with “She,” which leads to several misunderstandings between our heroes.  But suddenly on the day of the State Dinner, Mu-yeong and “She” disappear… never to be seen again.

3 April 2012.  It is now the 20th Anniversary of said China-Korea relations, and another State Dinner has been planned to commemorate the occasion.  Jeong-hak has been promoted to Chief Bodyguard at the Blue House and in charge of protecting the First Family, but his main assignment is to keep an eye on the President’s daughter Hannah (who has her own issues with protocol, decorum and staying put).  Mirroring what happened 20 years prior, the First Daughter goes missing along with her bodyguard Dae-sik right before the event and Jeong-hak is worried that they may have been kidnapped by an anti-Korean organization.  Jeong-hak starts having nightmares and while he searches for the missing child, clues to what actually happened to Mu-yeong and “She” start appearing before him.  How will Jeong-hak put all the pieces together in order to safely bring home the First Daughter?

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